Razer Nabu ™ Vinyl Wrap

A vinyl wrap I made in partnership with Razer, for the early version of their smart wearable.

It all started on the Razer Insider forums.
(This will all be in the way I stated it there.)
"I remember reading numerous posts here about people scuffing up their nabu from normal use, and after having mine for a while, I can see where they are coming from. However, I thought, wouldn't it be nice if we just didn't have to worry about it?"
"So, I got to thinking, which is when I realized I have access to a multi-purpose vinyl cutter and a ton of vinyl."
So I got to work.
I worked alongside the community on Insider, learning how to utilize new tools to get the correct measurements, and new programs to allow it to be transferred to the physical medium.
It was around this time that I got into contact with one of Razer's Nabu Representatives, who offered to send me a unit in each size to test these with. From there, we talked as the project went on, helping me manage community feedback, and allowing me to give insight to the Nabu team on how they could improve the design of the units.

"First off, time to turn my design into math." ...
"And then some more math."...
"And then onto the cutting process. After configuring the machine first of course, and making sure the pressure on the blade is correct. Pretty quickly, it gives me this."

"Nabu Wrap version one. Turns out it was a bit too wide, so I edited the math, and recut. Let's see how it looks on the device now that it's all fixed."
I then started getting offers from people to purchase these wraps for themselves. When I got the OK from the representative I knew, I started producing and distributing these on a small scale. I shipped out roughly 200 of these (which was a lot, seeing as Razer Insider was, and still is, a semi-exclusive group.
During this project, I never asked for any form of payment for my ideas, as I genuinely wanted to help the community, and test my ability as a designer. However, as a thank you, Razer sent me two of the new Nabu 2.0 units before they were released to the public.
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